* About Pinellas Karaoke

Admit it.  You love to sing. 

You’d trade places with Eric Clapton in a heartbeat.

You could have been Alanis and definitely sing better than Amy Winehouse.

You stay on key when you sing “Happy Birthday” at parties.

Yeah, you love to sing.

You don’t tell anyone of course . . .

That wouldn’t be cool.

But even though you keep it a secret,

You still love to sing.

Sometimes you sing in the shower . . .

Especially on mornings when you don’t have to go to work.

And you catch yourself singing along with the radio, or a CD, while driving your car.

That is, Until you remember that you’re alone in your car!

And other people driving in their cars might look over at you and

Notice that you’re singing . . .

Or worse, They might think that you’re talking to yourself!

And of course, You’re sure they will think you’re weird.

So you stop singing in your car.

For awhile. 

But singing in front of other people?

On a stage?

With a microphone?

Would you dare?

I Triple Dog Dare you.

Some people say that the “80/20 Rule” applies.

So, realistically, 80% of us  — four out of five of us — have talent.

We can sing!

Think about it,

At most, maybe 20% of us (max) really can’t carry a tune. 

But who cares?  Does it really matter?

If you want to sing, If you like to sing, If your friends want you to sing with them,

Then come out and sing. 

If you want to get out of the house and sing, but aren’t sure where to go, check out the Pages on the right side of this site for at least partial listings of where you and your friends can find Karaoke any day of the week.

And, if you know of Karaoke venues we don’t yet know about and haven’t listed, please post a comment on this Blog, or send an email to PinellasKaraoke@gmail.com


~  Pinellas Karaoke


3 Responses to “* About Pinellas Karaoke”

  1. thank you miss karaoke supreme, i wish i lived in pinellas and could join you!

  2. Pinellas is calling you… especially IRB! Scrap NZ and move to FL : )

  3. North Pinellas, Friday nights (google for phone numbers and addresses) check out Mixers, Palms Pub, Styx, Rumrunners, Red Fox.

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