Eight Days A Week?

Can we make it to eight days/nights in a row?

Some of us that sing at Harlie’s tonight will have been out six nights in a row for Karaoke.

Last night possibly should count twice since we went to two separate Karaoke venues.

We started at New York New York in Clearwater from 7-11pm.

We couldn’t get enough, so continued on to The Corner Grill in Largo until 2am.

Do we need to found a new program, Karaoke Anonymous (KA)?

I am completely powerless over my desire to sing.

When it came to being in a band, I wasn’t powerless, because I parted company with my piano, my guitar, and even my microphone.

But one of the joys of Karaoke is that there’s no need to find rehersal space, no need for amps, keyboards, guitars or drums.  Just show up and sing!  The only potential downside is if the KJ doesn’t happen to have the song you want to sing.

By the way, The Corner Grill in Largo (northwest corner of East Bay and Keene/Starkey) has Karaoke seven nights a week.  They also have “Captain Crunch Chicken” on the menus ; )  Can’t go wrong.

Might see you at Harlie’s?


~ Kerrioke


~ by pinellaskaraoke on July 27, 2010.

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